Why Cleaning Tile & Grout Yourself is a Waste of Time

Why Cleaning Tile & Grout Yourself is a Waste of Time

Toothbrush: Not the Grout Cleaning Tool of the Pros

This is Not the Grout Cleaning Tool of the Pros!

Let’s face it—keeping your tile and grout clean is not an easy job! Tile and grout simply take a beating day in and day out due to the nature of their location and porous design. Your tile and grout are a magnet for dirt and debris!

You might tackle this dirty, time-consuming, and annoying job on your own, but even despite your best efforts (and hours of abusing your knees!), you’re most likely not going to get it as clean as it needs to be in order to maintain the integrity of your tile. Grout is the glue that holds the tile together and helps it last.

Instead of wasting your precious time, how about giving HoneyDo a call instead? The advantages of professional tile and grout cleaning certainly outweigh the cost of doing it yourself.

Here are three top reasons why you should leave professional grout and tile cleaning to us!

3 Reasons to Let HoneyDo Professionally Clean Your Tile & Grout

  • Maintain Your Home’s Value – By getting your tile and grout both professionally and regularly cleaned, you are also maintaining the overall value of your home. Remember, all  the small details of home care add up when it comes to home value. If you let these little things go, it’ll show!  When the tile and grout in your home are shiny and clean, your home looks better and the value goes up!
  • We Use the Best Equipment/Technology– When you personally clean your tile and grout, you probably use, of all things, a toothbrush! Right? Admit it!  However, when we do it, we use the best equipment and the latest technologies perfectly suited to give you the BEST result!
  • It’ll be done correctly!  Bottom line: There’s a right way and a wrong way to clean tile and grout. And we know how to do it. It’s our job and we have the experience. By having us come in and clean your tile and grout, it’ll never look dingy again.

Does your tile leave something to be desired? Is your grout collecting all sorts of nasty?

Give HoneyDo a call today: (941) 621-6225. You’ll be glad you did. So will your knees.

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