Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Did you ever walk into an establishment, look down and wish you never set foot in the place? We know how you feel and we’ve made it our mission to partner with companies that take pride in their facilities. HoneyDo commercial carpet cleaning is insanely good value for your P&L.

We have the proper equipment, experience, and solutions to rejuvenate your commercial carpet and extend it’s life.  We know that the appearance of your floors are an important component of making a great impression on your guests, clients and customers.

    • Crazy Clean Commercial Carpet
    • Customized Maintenance Programs
    • 0 Service Disruption
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    • Hospitality | Resorts
    • Commercial Office Space
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Government Facilities
    • Restaurants

    • Truckmounted HWE (Hot Water Extraction) for deep restorative cleaning
    • Encapsulation (Low Moisture) for maintenance
    • Carpet dyeing
    • A little bit of secret sauce to make them look exceptional

Additional Carpet Cleaning Services

SMART provides 3M Scotchgard™ Carpet Protection, DuPont Teflon™ Protection and deodorizing as additional services to our commercial clients to ensure carpets stay cleaner, longer.

SMART Surface Care is a privately owned, independent surface care company that specializes in commercial carpet cleaning.  From initial program development to final billing, there are never any surprises.  Each step of the way we work with you to ensure you’re completely satisfied.  We like to think our work allows your business to put it’s best foot forward, (no pun intended).

What to consider When Hiring a Commercial Carpet Cleaner?

A carpet is a carpet, WRONG!  Qualified commercial carpet cleaning companies understand the nuisances of various commercial carpets, the environmental factors, facility layout, traffic density and more.  It is more complex than typical residential cleaning.  Therefore at the minimum make sure you ask the following from any potential vendor you’re evaluating for commercial floor cleaning

  • Are they IICRC certified?
  • Do they have a commercial flooring expert on staff?
  • Do they have the proper equipment to effectively clean commercial carpet?
  • Do they take the time to understand the traffic frequency and soiling characteristics and match a program to meet the needs (eg: a restaurant carpet is vastly different than a beach side resort)?
  • Are they creating a cleaning program that minimizes service disruption for the facility that factors in timing, frequency, cleaning methods and interim care?