Odor Treatment - SMART Surface Care
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Masking vs Eliminating (We Eliminate)

We understand the negative impression on customers, clients and guests foul or unpleasant odors can have.  That’s why we use agents that eliminate odors and not just temporarily mask them for a number of common and not so common malodors:

  • Smoke
  • Mildew
  • Pet
  • New carpet
Our treatment process:
  • Identify odor type
  • Identify odor source
  • Eliminate source if feasible
  • Permanent treatment including different applications from chemical treatment, ozone modification, fogging cleaning, and other systems to properly eliminate the odor.
10 Incredible Facts About Your Sense of Smell:
  1. People can detect at least one trillion distinct scents
  2. Scent cells are renewed every 30 to 60 days
  3. You can smell fear and disgust
  4. Smell is the oldest sense
  5. Women have a better sense of smell than men
  6. Age-related loss of smell is linked to race
  7. Dogs have nearly 44 times more scent cells than humans
  8. Loss of smell may signal future illnesses
  9. Each human has their own distinct odor
  10. Decline in smell may predict death within five years

Source: Everyday Health