Strip & Waxing - SMART Surface Care
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To ensure the highest quality, appearance and life our standardized process is thorough and cuts no corners (pun intended).


This is where many companies and general janitorial companies can cut corners.  We completely remove ALL old wax layers, even around edges and corners where other companies fail too.  When this step is missed edges can look duller than the center because the old wax still remains below the new wax layers.


Depending on project specifications we typically apply 3 to 6 coats of wax.   During this process we also mark each layer ensuring the client knows exactly how many coats were applied and when additional layers need to added as a maintenance step.  We work with each client to customize a program that fits their appearance requirements and budget.

NOTE:  When selecting a company to strip and wax floors ask them if they mark the wax layers.  It is easy for a company to “skip” one or several layers.  To ensure you receive what you paid for the layer markings provide a clear visual.

Upon applying the final layer our team closely examines the floor for any imperfections.  If needed and/or specified in the Service Agreement our team will buff the floor with a high speed burnisher as the final step.

Like each of our other commercial floor cleaning services our strip and wax services can be customized to meet your needs based on:

  • Budget
  • Desired Appearance
  • Traffic
  • Environmental Factors

When combined our custom floor care programs create the best value for our clients in the industry.