Tile & Grout Cleaning - SMART Surface Care
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We have the experience and equipment to meet the most demanding large scale tile and grout cleaning jobs. We have purpose built truck mounted machines that are capable of cleaning tile and grout at consistent temperature and pressure even many stories up.  That ensures that the floors on the 10th and 11th floor are cleaned just as well as those on the 1st!

Let’s face it: tile floors are beautiful, practical, and generally easy to maintain in a commercial setting… with one exception: grout. Over time, all the dirt you wash off your tile floors makes its way into the grout, where the dirty water soaks in, leaving the remains of all the dirt, spilled liquids, and other colorful stuff to stain your grout.

While daily and/or weekly mopping routines are an important, over time they don’t remove all the dirt and soil buildup on the tile and grout.
Grout is porous. It’s also typically recessed just a bit lower than the tiles it connects to one another, which means that everything runs straight for the grout.

And that’s where our specialized tile and grout-cleaning equipment comes in. We use truck-mounted cleaning gear that blasts high-temperature water into your grout at over 1200 PSI, then immediately vacuums up all the dirty water, sucking it right out of your facility.

The result? A deep cleaning of both the tile and the grout.

Our technique is the preferred method for maintaining grout and tile floors, according to industry standards, and will leave your tile and grout sparkling and truly clean — not just cleaned on the surface and painted over.

When you’re ready to get your tile clean and your grout clean, be sure to let the experts at SMART give your tile floor the sanitary cleaning your facility deserves and your guests and clients expect.