Upholstery and Drapery Cleaning - SMART Surface Care
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Having sparkling floors and fresh carpet are only part of the solution. Having pristine floors can often result in clients and guests being more apt to notice the condition of the surrounding furniture and window treatments.

That’s why we can provide full service cleaning to all your textile surfaces in your guest rooms or commercial space so every surface looks as clean and smells as fresh as the day you opened the doors.

Benefits of Upholstery & Drape Cleaning:

  • Removes allergens and dust mites
  • Removing these little buggers leave the room and building cleaner and safer.  Our process of pre-treating the surfaces and extracting with hot water over 200° releases all the soil and allergens and safely removes them.

  • Clean and fresh smelling
  • Did you know that odors can significantly alter a person’s behavior? GOOD NEWS if they walk in and are greeted with a pleasant odor. Really BAD NEWS if they sit in a foul smelling chair! That’s why we leave the upholstery and drapes smelling clean and fresh.

  • Extend the life of furniture
  • Just like a car, if the surface is properly maintained it looks better longer! Nobody is a fan of prematurely dipping into their capital budget for furniture. Engage SMART to help extend the life of furniture and drapes.

How long is the dry time?

Usually just a couple of hours.  Because when we clean upholstery and drapes we use only the proper amount of pressure while maintaining enough heat release soil buildup.
During the extraction phase our powerful, commercial grade truckmounts provide incredible suction to remove much of the moisture to allow for quick dry times.

As part of the complete maintenance program, clean upholstery and drapes add the extra touch in ensuring complete guest satisfaction. SMART Surface Care’s upholstery and drape cleaning process is done with minimal moisture so pieces are back in service quickly.  We also offer a GREEN CLEANING option to help you reduce your environmental impact.