*FULL DISCLOSURE: We haven't coated other planets yet.

The MOST DURABLE, LOWEST MAINTENANCE coating for commercial facilities on this planet*.


MicroGuard® was developed at NASA to handle the most extreme environments of space…extreme temperature variations, unceasing abrasion, constant UV exposure, and more.  NOW we’re bringing that same technology to your facility to all but eliminate maintenance costs and maintain appearance for an extremely long time!

Our line of MicroGuard® coatings withstand the damaging effects of chemical abuse, abrasion and ablation, intense heat, ultra-violet light exposures and corrosive degradation – and no other coating system can claim the same unique product features and benefits.

MicroGuard is like the Ever-Ready™ Rabbit says Chicago O’Hare Airport Facilities Manager, It wears but keeps on performing.



ASTM D-4060

Rate long-term durability

Drastically reduce daily, monthly and yearly maintenance costs.

Your CFO will love you!


ASTM G-21 

(no microbial growth in testing)

Helps stop spread and growth of mold, mildew and dangerous microbes and viruses


Stains and spots and dirty floors become a thing of the past.  Use neutral, green chemicals for quick and easy cleanup of any spills.


Rated High Traction plus you can include the anti-slip additive to get super grippy!

Microguard for Floor Surfaces

Patented MicroGuard® AD1000 All-In-One Hard Surface Finish provides a long-lasting, stunningly beautiful, sustainable and non-sacrificial finish that protects these surfaces from abrasive wear, microbial growth, odor and chemical attack.

As a finish, MicroGuard® solves a variety of problems associated with keeping hard surfaces looking and smelling fresh and clean. Porous areas like grout can absorb debris resulting in stains, microbial growth, and unpleasant odors.

MicroGuard’s clear finish bonds with the floor surface for unmatched strength, durability and wear resistance. MicroGuard® AD1000 also produces sustained, long-term hydrophobic surfaces that repel dirt and debris resulting in significant, measurable reductions in cleaning and maintenance costs. Grout lines are completely sealed and odors caused by accumulating oils, grime, dirt, urine, mold and spills are eliminated. The tile itself becomes a “High Traction” surface reducing slip and fall liability and retains a beautiful, high-gloss long after curing.

Microguard for Metals

Non-Ferrous Metals are best coated with MicroGuard®  Corrosion Protector Clear Treatment. This coating is designed to protect most non-ferrous metals or stainless steel, which are subjected to the rigors of ambient exposures like UV rays, salt, and moisture.

MicroGuard® Corrosion Protector is a low-solids, surface enhancer & protectant that can be applied to numerous surfaces in the hospitality, restaurant, and medical industry. It can be used to protect and beautify stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and more.  It can also be applied over painted surfaces to protect and restore luster.



  • Tile & Grout
  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Painted Surfaces
  • …and more!
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