Why Service Matters But So Many Ignore It

Customer Service - Carpet Cleaning Sarasota

Why Service Matters But So Many Ignore It

Customer Service - Carpet Cleaning SarasotaWe just received a call from a customer asking if we were a member of a particular association. It was a question we don’t usually receive, so I was curious as to why.

It turns out that our customer wanted to nominate us for Vendor of the Year for that association. I was humbled and honored at the same time. The nomination itself is not the humbling part, but rather that our continuous effort to service our customers to the utmost of our ability resonated with those who matter most… our customers and partners.

It made me reflect on the “what and how” of trying to deliver customer service.

The Intentional, Sacrificial Decision to Provide Excellent Service

Service, customer service, and doing the right thing, typically don’t draw a direct path to a P&L, cash flow statement or otherwise.  Rather, they’re captured in small moments, decisions and conversations between a company’s representatives and customers. Over time, these interactions accumulate to build a foundation of trust, honesty and quality service.  These are earned.  And they still might not even show up on the goodwill line of the balance sheet.

Don’t misunderstand—we make our fair share of mistakes.  Every organization is not a name, brand, equipment or customer list, but rather a team of PEOPLE all working towards a common goal.  People always make mistakes, but the key differentiator, I believe, between “legacy” organizations and those that fall through the cracks is this:

In exceptional organizations,  mistakes are

  1. made in a relentless pursuit of service, and
  2. recognized and corrected so the customer retains the faith and commitment to partner with the organization.

What is perplexing is that so many organizations these days say they want to provide service, yet still manage to create a culture that is diametrically opposed to that outcome.

For example, have you ever called your cell phone company or cable company and felt as if they were trying to resolve your problem as QUICKLY as possible?  That’s because many have modeled their call centers to be extremely efficient—get through as many calls during a shift as possible, spend as little time on the phone with each customer as possible (no matter how long you made them wait on hold prior to speaking to them).

Customer service is not just about time, but it is all about relationships.  If you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to order something from Zappos (call them instead of going ordering online) and find out what true customer service is about.

Real customer service involves forgoing short term revenue objectives and building long term relationships that deliver greater benefit to both the customer and company.  But as our society has increasingly decreased it’s attention span, the urge for organizations to capture someone’s pocket book and not their hearts is greater than ever.

Who Has Given You Exceptional Customer Service?

As we try to stay the course, I’d love to hear about other companies (big or small) that have captured your attention or heart and not just your pocketbook.

  • S. McGurk
    Posted at 05:53h, 09 October Reply

    I am unsure if this is the site to comment regarding excellent service that was done in my rental property which used to be my family home almost 2 years ago. The reason I just thought of this was because I have had extreme shoddy work done by a contractor that remodeled the kitchen and installed a new shower door repairing wall damage in 2012. I had a water intrusion 2years later caused by a void left in the slab from a septic service that replaced a 1959 drain pipe in the slab and left a hole for an abnormal weather event that dumped 5 inches of rain for 3 days. The home was re mediated and following that Honey Do came in and renovated the home. The base cabinets, countertop, base bathroom vanity, tile in the bathroom had to be replaced as well as up to 2 feet of wall damage. We had to wait weeks for the cabinets to come in. When the team at Honey Do came in they got the work done in just a few days. Mike was in charge of the renovation and was an excellent handyman who I asked if he always carried a level in his back pocket and sure enough he did. The first installment of the base cabinets by a contractor were not level and caused me to loose a 2 year old countertop and the backsplash tile. This contractor also installed a new shower door for me and did not put a rubber sweep on the bottom to seal it and it actually fell off it’s hinges before it was 2 years old. Another handyman service came in and missed this rubber sweep earlier that year and only adjusted the door.. But not Mike! So what I know now almost 2 years later I have had 0 issues with this renovation and a new shower door installed and finally after wall damage occurring 4 times there is no wall damage! They are very fair with their labor charges. You don’t need to hire an expensive contractor who uses handymen that do shoddy work. And in my opinion using handymen that charge under $50 an hour I promise you. You will get what you paid for! Thank you so much Mike and Honey Do.

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